Rooftop Pool Ideas

03 July 2017

Most homes with pools on the ground floor office. Many others, however, they integrate into the house. But if none of these variants may be the case for you, then you can drag a Schwimmbach rooftop into consideration.  you will literally be up in the sky and then in the evening, you can count immersed in water the stars. Think. Only relaxation, which you will witness contemporary house.


The rectangular pool is surrounded by sun loungers. So people there are allowed a beautiful view of the sea. Dietz Lantern.

Rooftop swimming pool design for small space rooftop swimming pool design.

Rooftop infinity pool rooftop pool on lap pools plunge. 

Glass bottom rooftop pools house with rooftop pool.

 Simple Modern Rooftop Terrace Pool Design Rooftop pool atop historic Beacon Hill mansion