A Good Way to Start Your Day

18 July 2019

The first few minutes of your morning are the most important of your day which can set the tone for your positive mind in living your full day.

Breathe in the Fresh Air

Wake up with light muscle stretches while admiring a peaceful green atmosphere away from the hustle of the city. The sunrise, fresh air, and green lush trees are always ready to welcome you in the morning with the open space concept at Hideaway Residence Bali and Hideaway Villas Bali.

Pamper Yourself with A Fresh Floating Breakfast

Take time to soak in the pool. Relax in the private pool that we design as comfortably as possible with the awesome views for you. Is it time for breakfast? Yes! Enjoy your breakfast when you're in the pool and lazy to go anywhere. We will provide a floating breakfast for you who still want to pamper yourself in your private pool.

Fresh Floating Breakfast Menu Choices

All of our breakfast is a choice menu that has fresh ingredients starting from the meals such as fresh-cut fruit, eggs, sausages, bread, and whole-grain cereals. Even the fresh drinks we provide are ready to refresh your sunny morning, starting from fresh milk that you can mix into your cereal bowl, also warm tea and coffee which you can choose in your floating breakfast basket.

All you have to do is slip into your swimwear to enjoy your floating breakfast in your private pool which overlooks the stunning landscape of Bukit Jimbaran landscape.

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