A Craftsmanship for Bringing You The Pleasant Living into Reality

29 June 2019

Nature is the primary element which is not only an object to make your home become green and soothing feels but makes every side of your residence live. Presenting a blend of natural concepts and a comfortable home atmosphere while not only being able to attract residential aesthetics, but luxurious cozy and strong building masses are a consideration in designing dream homes. Hideaway became a leading property developer in paying attention to the key to the design of each residential design nuanced to nature. Hideaway Development's property, hideaway villas | uluwatu, bali and hideaway residence | ungasan, bali for example, have different characteristics and concepts, but each of them is inspired by nature.

Hideaway shares inspiration in designing residents' comfort as follows:


1. More personal and exclusive


Apart from the combination of exterior and interior elements, Hideaway maximizes comfort and safety in every dwelling with complete and sophisticated private facilities such as private swimming pools, bedrooms complete with tv and furniture, luxury bathrooms, living rooms that blend with the dining room and kitchen with the concept of open space. Residential areas will be monitored by CCTV cameras and security officers on duty 24 hours. So no need to worry, whether you want to take a serene vacation or residents to live in Hideaway.

The expert on hideaway architecture and building specifically chooses strong and functional building construction to realize the physical building that forms a unity of beautiful, clean aesthetics, good air circulation, and efficient development. The addition of color accents that adjust the function of the room will be able to display a calm and beautiful atmosphere. Because the overall appearance of your dream residence makes you happy, right?

2. Environmentally oriented


One of the uniqueness of the hideaway property is the location that gives you a living experience that looks away from the crowds and a healthy environment while supporting the family lifestyle.

Besides that, The rate of Return on Investment in several hideaway areas has certain promising values ​​in the future. The beauty of your home realized in every room that is blended with natural lighting and nighttime that invites warmth. Spatial design is designed to maximize sunlight in the residence and provide a visual touch that captivates every corner of the room both exterior and interior so that the appearance of the house merges perfectly with nature and surroundings.

3. Modern facilities in residential areas to complement the lifestyle needs of urban communities


Hideaway consistently presents integrated property products. Now modern society needs more than just shelter and rest. Modern facilities that support such as restaurants, spas, and gyms that make residents do not need to go far to pamper themselves.

You get the most comfortable and private living space because the residence and villa completed with a one-gate security system, Hideaway property is the ideal residential concept at Hideaway. Own your dream residence only at Hideaway.