10 Facts about Hideaway Residence Bali That Investors Need to Know

04 April 2019

Investment is an instrument in the form of future enticing value for many people. Nowadays property has been a part of trending investment that is in demand. Property developments experienced a gradual increase from the previous year.

According Rumah.com property index data, the percentage increased by 4% nationally in the third quarter in 2018 and it will show good progress. (https://www.rumah.com/insights/rumah-com-property-market-outlook-2019-326). The increase in prices on property investment was influenced by the increase in supply of property in the previous year.

Hideaway Development as a leading developer in Bali with its ideal investment products discusses 10 Facts about Hideaway Residence Bali that are different from other property investment products and recommend you a choice of modern and elegant products with Hideaway identity.

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Here are 10 Facts about Hideaway Residence Bali What Investors Need to Know:

1. Private & exclusive

Hideaway Residence Bali is specially designed to suit the needs of residents and guests who crave a calm and private atmosphere. For those of you who need to have a private concept, Hideaway Residence Bali can be promising option for comfort living which could be uplift the quality of your life

2. Family friendly

Hideaway Residence Bali comes with residential options that are very friendly for both families and individuals. These residentials consisting of two and three bedrooms with a luxurious view can be an inspiration for your future home.

3. Secure investment

A good deal of return on investment, also all payments are made through an account Bali reputable notary escrow account. You don't have to worry about investing, because Hideaway Development is committed to building first, payments can be made later.

4. Flexible to manage

When you have a villa at Hideaway Residence Bali, your convenience and comfort will escalate. One of these flexible concepts, where your property can be managed under the management of Hideaway Residence Bali and can also be managed privately. Hideaway Development is consistent in providing the best investment in the long-term.

5. Strategically hideaway

Since its success in building the first property product, Hideaway Development seeks to choose land with hidden locations that have high growth value for investment and can maintain the uniqueness of building aesthetics.

6. Great location

Hideaway Residence Bali does not only have a hidden location, but it is also very strategic which is only a few minutes to public facilities such as Samasta Lifestyle Village Jimbaran and Sidewalk Jimbaran, entertainment such as Dreamland waterpark, New Kuta Golf, Omnia Beach Club, Sunday Beach Club, Single fin and tourist attractions such as Balangan Beach, Melasti Beach, Dreamland Beach and many more.

7. Private pool

in contrast with on the other whole residence. Hideaway Residence Bali is equipped with modern residential facilities, where complete with a private swimming pool of 18 sqm in each villa. Enjoying the tropical scenery while swimming in a calm atmosphere will certainly be the dream of everyone.

8. Modern public facilities

Various property investments have advantages such as the existence of public facilities that are able to provide attractive value to investors. Hideaway Residence Bali as one of the property investment products in the Ungasan area is able to compete with the of stars hotel standards.

9. Contemporary & elegant design

Hideaway Residence Bali is designed by architecture and construction management who are expert and experienced. The concept of building architecture and design has a contemporary, Precious timeless impression

10. Stunning ambience & environment

The beauty of the residence can be seen by how is well maintained and green environment in each villa. The environment in Hideaway Residence Bali will gradually be integrated with the management system regarding Quality, Occupational Health and Environmental Safety both in managing, developing, optimizing and implementing standardization.


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